Why relationships don’t work

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Some groups of people do wonder why relationships don’t work. At times, the categories it to be ugly and not worthy to be loved.

Why relationships don't work
In a new relationship, the boy will always want to please the girl and vice versa. When it goes a little deep, they conclude settling for a breakup.
Reasons, why relationships don’t last, could be for so many reasons. They can be due to the following reasons:
1. Lack of understanding
What keeps a relationship up and running is the ability of lovers to understand themselves. If partners can understand the existence of individual differences in humans, I see no reason why such a relationship will not work. As humans, we have different ways of living. A relationship can only work when you understand these differences and are ready to cope with them.
2. Pleasure
Another reason why relationships don’t work is that partners only fancy the pleasure they derive from it. This could be sex, finance etc. Placing little or no value to love, remains one of the great reasons why relationships can never work.
3. Lack of communication
If you are in a relationship and there is no existence of communication between you and your partner, then why should such a relationship work? Communication is key in every relationship. Whether your speaking is bad, always ensure you hear from your partner. If you have not seen his call for some time, try and call him. Know whether all is well with him.
4. Gifts
As odd as that might sound, but it also has a role to play on why relationships don’t work. When you don’t once in a while buy your partner gifts, he or she will always think you don’t value him/her especially if he is the only one that buys the gift.
5. None existence of love
When you no longer feel anything for your partner, the person becomes irrelevant to your existence. Since a relationship exists where love exists, it, therefore, means that without love, the relationship can never work.
6. Cheating
No woman will like to stay or date a cheat. The same is also applicable to the man. When you cheat, it means you have no regard for your date.  The relationship can never work when either partner cheats.
7. Lack of attention
This point almost shares the same view with lack of communication. For your relationship to work, you must give attention to your lover. Women especially need men who will give them attention. So if you are a guy and hoping to be in a relationship please learn to give women attention else, such a relationship will never work.
8. Nagging
Talking too much or nagging too much also is one of the reasons why relationships don’t work. Sometimes you will notice that ladies who nag a lot hardly last in relationships. No man would want to settle with a nagging woman.
9. Lack of goals and objectives
A man who has no intention of thinking big or a woman who is in the same shoe, suffer relationship breakups.  Some relationships don’t work because either partner has no intention of marrying each other.
10. Family traits
On some occasions, the family become a stumbling block to relationships. You may see a woman you love but because your family is not on good terms with her’s, you end up, losing interest. 
11. Caste system
 Another reason is the issue of the caste system. Though this evil practice has been long abolished it is still in existence in some societies today. A good example is the Igbo communities in Biafra.
There are a lot of reasons that could serve as to why relationships don’t work. You can leave yours in the comments section below.
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