It is no longer a new trend that says “men cheat more than women“. Though for gender self-defence, many men has argued this assertion. They say women cheat more than men.

I know that I am a man, on this topic, I won’t support any party. I will just say things the way they appear.
That men cheat I don’t totally credit it to their lack of self-control. But it is unfortunate for any man who lacks the virtue of being self-controlled.
It is inherent in every male animal to go after his opposite sex (females).
Take a good look at lower animals, the male goat, go after the female goat. The male dog go after the female dog and so on.
Cheating is the product of lack of self-control.
A man who has little or no self-control for his sexual urge ends up cheating on his wife or girlfriend.

The reasons why men cheat can be as a result of many reasons.

  • Lack of self-control: a man who lacks the ability to control himself when ever he sees his opposite sex, is likely to be a sex addict. Each time he looks at pornographic pictures, his mindset is always carried away.  It is very difficult to find men who possess this quality because it is inherent in man to lung for his opposite.
  • Locality of partner: this has to do with when the wife is a local type. She finds it difficult to adjust to the changing society. Some men likes their wife to appear new and sweet, but when the wife is the type that has little or less knowledge for societal changes, ends up being cheated. The man will therefore go out to sleep with women who knows the recent trend.
  • Vengeance: At times, we are not supposed to jump into conclusion. Some say that “all men are the same” but unfortunately all men are not the same just that they share some similar characteristics. Some men cheat because, they want to avenge what they passed through in the hands of their ex. For example, a man who gave up everything for the sake of his ex, and finally got cheated in the process, might end up becoming the worst nightmare for the female folks. 
  • Genital abnormalities: This can also be another reason why men cheat. A man whose partner is mentally not okay might find it difficult to have anything to do with her hence, end up cheating.
  • Genetic factors: why men cheat can also be as a result of this reason. Before you conclude that a”men are the same”, try to make enquiries on his family. Maybe his father or grand father used to cheat or his mother or grand was a cheat and so on. That he is a cheat can be something he inherited from his mother or father.
  • Financial disposition: Some men cheat also because they are financially stable and can take care of the outcomes. This point to be frank have being greatly promoted by women. A good number of single ladies hate guys with slim pockets (poor guys) instead they go for the rich guys. They are not interested in their love, what is more important to them is the money. Now tell me, how can a man love you or won’t cheat on you when you are just there for his money?
  • Female factors: the women are not left out on this situation. A woman who cheats on her man triggers the man to cheat back at her. 
Why men cheat
There are many reasons why men cheat. Though I am not in support of them cheating, but in some cases, one need to wonder why men actually cheat.
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