Why male children confide more on their mothers

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You may be asking why children really confide in their mothers than their fathers. The truth is, in all homes, this happens. The child shares all his/her secrets with mum while dad is left to know nothing.

In so many homes the male child don’t easily get along with the father but their mothers. The reason(s) is/are not far fetched. It happens for so many reasons.
There are some cases where a male child will have male related issues, he will think that the best person to report it to is the mother.
Sometimes, the man will think that the mother is secretly poisoning his mind against him but this is never true.
A male child confides more on the mother because of the following:


Just like ladies, the male child also appreciate  it when someone have time for him. He needs someone he can play with and also someone he can complain to. Unfortunately, the father is always busy at work and the only person available is the mother. This avails the child the opportunity to have more time with the mother and by implication, he sees her as his best friend and also the right person to share his problems with.


A father who always degrade his son simply because he (son) don’t have money, go a long way in breaching their relationship. Because the father will always remind him of how poor he was and or how his age mates are making money. Sometimes, the boy will feel unhappy seeing his father around and wondered why he had a father.
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This has to do with our reactions towards our opposite sex. How a girl feel each time a guy is around her and vice versa is what I am trying to express here. Though their is no erotic feelings attached but the young boy feels comfortable speaking with his mother because she is a woman.


A mother listens when her son is talking. Whether the boy is speaking an unknown language, the mother will always listen and sometimes mimic the baby. The father does not listen. When you tell him a particular thing, he will refer you to your mother. This raises the doubt that his father can’t keep his secret so he finds a better person to confide in and that person is the mother.


It is natural for every man to be hash looking but this does not go down well with the male child. The face of the father looks scary and he (child) find it difficult to talk to him. Since the mother look simple and easy going, he thinks the right person to talk to is the mother.
Why male children confide in their mothers than their fathers
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