Things you should avoid doing to your children

In so many families today, a lot go on without a careful look at the child’s welfare. Some parents fail to understand that their children learn by observing their attitudes. A child build his character imitating his parents. But some parents are ignorant of this fact.
 There are so many things you shouldn’t do before your children. You may see them as innocent minds, but when you leave, they do the worst of what you did. A child who always follow the mother to the kitchen, will definitely learn to cook someday. So don’t by any chance think you can do anything wrong before them with the notion that “they don’t know anything”.
Some psychologists will tell you that the child learns fast and the knowledge remain stocked. They learn by looking at the happenings around them. They also try to put into practice what they have seen when such opportunity avails itself.

Things you shouldn’t do before your children

1. Avoid romance

As happily married couples, I will strongly advise you avoid romantic sections in the presence of your children. By what we see, our mind is corrupted. Children who always watch their parents kiss, romance eachother and so on, have a great tendency of exhibiting such a behaviour in the outside community. And sometimes, they will want to try it out with their parents. For example, a child of 4 years was on a particular night, trying to force himself on his mother. He rested after receiving the beating of his life.

2. Keep away adult programs.

Deter your children from watching adult related programs as this will not be helpful for their moral upbringing. As a parent, you should ensure every program your child is exposed to is closely monitored. Thank God, these days, you can have access to locking some channels with a password. Only allow them to watch their age-related programs like cartoons, educational programs etc. In a nutshell, ensure the programs (both print, audio and visual medias) are closely monitored.

3. Avoid fighting.

It is normal for a husband and wife to fight over an issue, but doing it before their children, that is child abuse. If you must have a misunderstanding, kindly wait for when the children are out of reach. Ensure you put on a smiling face each time they are around. This will enable them be proud of their family and see their family as perfect. The implications of fighting before the children is very disastrous as they can grow old and practice in a dangerous way what they learnt from their parents.

4. Making them feel irresponsible.

Frustration can shootout the real animal in somebody if they are not treated well. When you as a parent fail to make your children feel the impact of good parenting, they become frustrated and end up becoming nuisance to the community. Telling a child he is “useless” is a way of killing that child’s future. As a parent, avoid using words that could be disastrous to the wellbeing of the child.

5. Quarrelling neighbours.

Many parents has formed the habit of warning their children to stay away from their neighbours especially the ones they faught with. They will make this rule so rigid that when the child faulters, he will have his anus to smell. Children grow up with this mindset. And when this is happening, everyone they have little misunderstanding becomes their enemy and sometimes might lead to the death of either party.

6. Wickedness in the name of punishment.

Some parents who wants to punish their children rub perper on the child’s private part. That is not punishment, it is wickedness of the highest order. That is child abuse and the perpetrator of such act should go to jail. Properly punish a child by taking away what he cherish most or spanking him. No child deserves any abuse of any kind.

7. Keeping them at home while others are in school. 

Your children shouldn’t be at home while others are in school. It is the right of every child to be educated. Denying a child education is a denial of his future. Your child shouldn’t be on the street hawking, or at the farm while others are learning. The more this children are exposed to money, the more they lack interest in education. This is one of the reasons why they will wake up one morning and tell their mates that “school is scam”. Take them to school because they also deserve a better life.


Every parent is supposed to be aware that their children are their respective responsibility. The way you train your child will determine the way their generation will look. When they are properly trained, they will pass that on to their next generation.
Children are gifts from God. Many married people do not have this gift. You that has it, how are you taking care of yours? 
Remember you will give an accurate account on how you trained your children that was given to you by God.
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