Download Ego: latest Sir Gift Ikonso’s African jamz

Sir Gift Nwanoneze popularly known as Ikonso has released yet another must-hear music.

Sir Gift Nwanoneze Ikonso new music titled "EGO
Sir Gift Ikonso
This music by Ikonso is titled “EGO” which means ‘WEALTH or MONEY’ in Igbo language.
According to the lyrics which is all sang in Igbo language, Sir Gift Ikonso tries to pass to his fans the message of the dangers of “too much love for money”.
In our today’s society 89% of our youths are eager to make quick wealth. 
As this desperation for wealth creation is creasing, so is the rate of crime increasing on daily basis.
Sometimes the youths don’t receive the total blame as many parents also have a role to play in this.
Some parents are so mean to their children. They deny being their parents because their children have not started making money.
According to the music, it stated that “money is good but the dangers surrounding money is so alarming”.
“A lot has lost their lives because of money. Many has lost their properties because of monay.”
The one that is so heart touching is the fact that family members help in pushing this young minds into joining groups that will make them acquire illegal wealth.
Hope you enjoy “EGO” by Sir Gift Nwanoneze Ikonso.
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