Too much Romance can kill a relationship

Love, sex and romance in a relationship

A relationship shouldn’t be built on romance. The reason why so many relationship crumble today is because much interest is placed on the erotic/romantic part of the relationship.
Everything shouldn’t be all about sex or love making. When you fined someone for the very first time, that relationship will die the moment you start having sex with eachother. 
Trying to explain what I mean above, 72% of young people start dating in order to satisfy their sexual urge. This is the reason why we have so many cases of dead relationships or broken hearts.


You should learn to build your relationship on trust, love, support, understanding, etc. When you are able to understand the person the person you are dating or in a relationship with, it fosters your relationship.
Have you ever asked yourself this question, why is it that relationship with slay queens never last but the one with ordinary ladies last?

Slay queens would want hardly the romantic part of the relationship but because there is no interest in the long lasting relationship, it crumbles after sex. A young lady with high moral standards can not date early, she will have a great despise for premarital sex and lastly they make a good home. And trust me, every reasonable man would love to settle with such ladies.
Relationships built on romance never see the light of the new day. People involved are just in it just for sex and satisfaction of each others sexual lust. Such relationship has never and will never last.
A relationship built on the ethics of Christianity, no matter how long ends up in marriage. Therefore, any relationship (dating) that has no interest for marriage shouldn’t be kept.


To be in a relationship it is greatly adviced you be at the right age and psychologically matured. When I said being psychologically matured, I mean, the act of being able to understand the individual differences that exist among people.
Many people exhibit different idiosyncrasies (personal lifestyles). It is important that every body can never act or behave the way you do. It is therefore necessary to have this at the back of your mind before you start thinking of dating.
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For me, someone is matured enough to start dating when HE is 25 and when SHE is 20. At this very age, the duo has a good understanding of what love and relationship really mean. At 25 the young is matured to be a father incase in the process he impregnates the young lady. And the same is also applicable to the young lady.
Finally, dating or being in a relationship is very good but something that is worth doing is worth doing well. You must be at the right age. And also, it is important you understand that being in a relationship does not necessarily mean you must have sex. Learn to build your relationship outside romance and trust me, you will never regret knowing yourselves.
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