Heart broken

After today’s activity, I was so mad with myself and wondered why I didn’t continue sleeping to wake up tomorrow. Today was so annoying that it even went to as far as breaking my heart.
In the morning when I woke up, something was telling me,  “my friend go back to sleep! Go back to sleep!” But I was like; “am a big boy, why should I go back to sleep?” My phone rang at exact 8:30 am. It was my favourite girlfriend. She called me and had the “ihe ha neyeye” (impetus) to tell me that it was over. I couldn’t stopped crying from that time to 2:30 pm.
As if that was not enough, when I entered the kitchen to find something to cool my broken heart (food), the next smell was so annoying that I lost my path in the kitchen. I hurried out of the kitchen. “Aboy! What was that smell? Don’t tell me that my soup has spoilt”. As if someone was listening to me. Well that is why you get from a broken heart.
I managed to enter the kitchen. I heated the soup and ate it like that. Being heart broken is not enough reason why you should starve yourself to death.
Today, I really understood what it meant to be heart broken.
How I wished that was enough. It never ended there. At about 4:00 pm, I went to the field to play football. The field was still empty because the weather was still hot. I exercised patience and waited for the ball owners to come. I was doing all these to help me console my broken heart.
They arrived around 5:45pm. One fatty bumbum had the guts to tell me “bia Santos, anyi ezuola” (Santos, we are complete already). As if my ear was itching, not until all of them echoed, “Saviosantos we don complete”. Heart broken the 3rd time.
My heart is broken and I am wondering why I woke up today? Why didn’t I listen to the first voice in the morning?

My Night Prayer

Before going to bed, this was my prayer “Oluwa my God, I thank You for everything oo, but Baba abeg no allow me wake up any day wey this kin thing go happen again instead make I sleep and wake up the following day. Amen.
Hope you enjoyed the tale……..lol
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