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Romeo the best friend of my enemy
Hi dear, today I will be sharing yet another interesting story. Have you read my previous true life story? If not, I think you are missing a lot.


Romeo was born in Lagos and never was he opportuned to come home and stay with his mother Susan in the village. His mother gave birth to him there and left him after 2 years with her elder sister. His mother had not enough money to take care of him that’s why she left him with her elder sister.
Juliet (Romeo’s aunt) had no child of her own so she treated Romeo as her own son. He received the best education and was greatly pampered by Juliet.
Before Juliet, Romeo had grown to become a handsome intelligent young man. His beauty and amount of wealth drew ladies both beautiful and ugly to his side.
On daily basis, Romeo returned home with different girls and Juliet will never say a word rather encourage him to continue. She will always remind him of how he should grab and enjoy every opportunity he had.
Because of Romeo’s excellence in academics, he graduated from the higher institution with a wonderful certificate.
One may think that he sorted his way through but, that was never it. He was so intelligent that he can do well in an exam even without reading his book.

At the age of 27.

At the age of 27, Romeo became a commendable medical practitioner. He was a great doctor in his own hospital. His major problem was that he sleeps with almost everything on skirt including his nurses.
Bianca, a very rich lawyer and also renowned in her profession was admitted to his hospital after she collapsed in a court room. Many thought she will not survive the incident, but their thoughts changed when the news came that Bianca made it through.
The family of Bianca gave the hospital more than the expected amount for her treatment as a way of showing appreciation.
Visiting his patient in her ward, Romeo noticed Bianca’s beauty and couldn’t help but telling her that she was beautiful. As an arrogant lawyer, Bianca reminded him that she knows.
Romeo, who is used to women’s response in such occasions knew what next move to take. He advised her to take care of herself and never do things that will stress her.
Because he had so much interest on Bianca, Romeo recommended she remains in the hospital for two weeks. Her family members were surprised at the doctor’s announcement but had no alternative but accept his recommendation. Bianca who do not play with her health, obliged too.
Before the end of the week, Romeo had already lured the stubborn lawyer into falling for him. She was discharged from the hospital after the doctor had confirmed that the patient is okay and good to go home.
Bianca who has never being fooled before was this time fooled by a doctor who has never fallen in love before.


At the supermarket, Bianca met Romeo. She pretended as if she never knew him and Romeo was battling with her familiarity. He gathered morale and walked up to her. He said; “excuse me dear. Sorry am Romeo and your face looks kind of familiar. Sorry have we met before?” Bianca was a bit surprised but she concluded “sorry I don’t think so.” Romeo asked her out but she declined and left him.
Not satisfied with her response, Romeo followed her with his car and when she noticed Romeo was at her tail, she quickly drove to the nearest police station. Blinded by love and beauty, he also followed her to the station. Immediately she asked the officers to arrest Romeo for stalking her.


Back in the prison, Romeo remembered Bianca to be a lawyer and one of his patients he made love with. He was released after 2 days. He went to her chambers to apologize. Before this time, Romeo was already truly in love. (This time, he is really in love).
At Bianca’s chambers she granted him audience. He apologized for all his actions against her and promised never will it repeat again. She walked him out of her office since his coming was not for business.
For 4 months, Romeo never allowed Bianca to rest even after being arrested for another 20 times. She finally believed Romeo is now a changed person. She accepted to his proposal and now they are making plans to get married.


(Hope you remembered Romeo’s mother Susan? the woman that handed Romeo to her elder sister Juliet.)
News came that Juliet’s younger sister had died. She decided for the very first time to travel to the village with Romeo.
Truly when they got to the village, her sister was already lying dead on the floor. 
Romeo exclaimed ”this woman looks exactly like me. No wonder they said blood does not lie. No one will see her on the way that will not first think that she is my mother”. Juliet was surprised at Romeo and queried him for thinking he is the son of a dead woman. With anger she left the room were Susan her sister was lying in state.
Mistakenly, Romeo’s hand went to Susan’s wrist and he felt a sharp pulse. Surprised at what he felt, he carefully held her wrist to feel her pulse again and he noticed she was still alive. Quickly, he ran outside to break the news. Everyone came to the room and she was rushed to the nearest hospital.


Susan was revived after many trials and it was concluded that she was temporarily knocked out. 
Juliet and her younger sister Susan never got along. This started the day Juliet announced to Susan that the baby she left under her care drowned in a swimming pool and buried without his mother’s notice.
Romeo was surprised to know that all this while, he was living with his aunt who pretended to be his real mother. “Now I understand why you always say I should cease every moment I’ve got. You faked my own death so that you will deny my mother her real son? AHH.. ma you are wicked”. In anger, Romeo left for Lagos. 
After his mother recovered fully, she forgave her elder sister because her only son is the best friend of her enemy. Because Romeo gives Juliet joy, Susan forgave her and also beckoned on Romeo to do same too.
He forgave his aunt and introduced to the family his fiancé Bianca.
The family lived happily and stronger than before.
The End….
Hope you enjoyed the story? Please leave us your comments in the comment section below… And don’t forget to share to as many as possible…..
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Romeo the best friend of my enemy