Reasons why you can't find true love

Are you in the group of people who are asking this question? Have you for sometime wondering why you can’t find true love? You saw a woman you liked but you think she won’t love you back. Well here I will be showing you some of the reasons why you can’t find true love.
Falling in love is one thing, another is finding the woman/man that will truly love you. A person who truly love you will showcase some characteristics that proves his/her true love for you.

Characteristics of true love

  • Any person who love you will always pray for you.
  • He/she will always advise you where necessary.
  • True love knows no bounds. Any person who truly love you will love you for whom you are and not what you are.
  • True love pops up mostly in difficult situations.
  • Respect for eachother is the priority of lovers.
There are many features of true love. But because that is not our topic, we shall keep it that shot.
That you can’t find true love does not mean you are ugly or because you don’t deserve to be loved. No body is created ugly and everybody deserve to be loved. But because of some reasons you may end up not finding that person that will truly love you.
Below are my own reasons why I think you can’t find true love.
  1. Lack of Godliness: when in your relationship you don’t value God’s presence, then you are in a sure way of falling for the wrong person. “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”. Your fear for God will enable you find or have interest in like-minded people and true love bomps out in the process. You can’t find true love if God is not included in your relationship.
  2. Patience: this is one of the reasons why I think you can’t find true love. Because all of your friends are in a relationship you also don’t want to be left out. As a result, you jump into a relationship which at the end of the day end up in disaster.
  3. Love of the Flesh: you lack interest in a good working relationships. The only thing in your mind is how to have sex with your partner. With this always in your mind, you will never find love. If you must find true love, then the desire for sexual satisfaction must be relegated.
  4. Just want a relationship: another reason why you can’t find true love is because you are not interested in it. You just want to be in a relationship without any interest for the health of the relationship.
  5. Complaining too much: it is not everything that happens in your relationship that you must complain about. If you are the type that always complain in a relationship, it is a sure way of not having or finding true love. Learn to put interest in solving the problem and not always complaining or nagging.
  6. Focus on beauty: when you pay more attention on beauty, then you are sure to miss it. A man who always want a beautiful woman to be in a relationship with can never find true love. The same is also applicable to the women. I am not saying that beautiful or handsome people can not be loved or they can’t love. What I am trying to say is that, your interest in only falling in love with people who are beautiful or handsome will keep you in the wrong track. They may not be the right people or person for you. No body is created ugly. Every woman is created beautiful and every man created handsome.
  7. Love for material things: many ladies in our today’s society do not want to fall in love with a poor guy. Harbouring this thought makes them available for their predators. A poor guy who may not have anything can greatly love you. But because he has nothing, you prefer his opposite and end up being heart broken.
  8. Illiteracy and ignorance:  Am not leaving this point behind. Illiteracy and ignorance can really have a great effect in your love life.You don’t know and you don’t want to know” is a disease. When you are told about something, you always refute it and holding stiff to what you believe in. You are also archaic in your reasoning. To find true love in this great century, my dear, you got to be educated. To clear the air, I am not also saying that the illiterate can not truly love you. They can but there is. A”BUT”. So my simple advice is “GO GET EDUCATED”.


There are so many reasons why people can’t find true love. Consider my stated reasons above and see which affects you. Work on your personal lifestyle because all focus on your personal lifestyle.
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