Effects of abusive words in a relationship

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Councillor: Abusive words can never do good to any relationship or family.

Mrs Udoka of Asaba Montessori schools has advised the avoidance of abusive words in relationships. To her, abusive words plants no positive fruit but rather destructive fruits in families and relationships.

In her words she said “I have experienced the harm abusive words have caused in many homes and relationships. A good example is my little sister’s. She was the type that can never avoid using any abusive word in any discussion. As members of her family, we tried to warn her in many occasions but she paid deaf ears”.

“Luckily enough, she got married to a very rich handsome young man but didn’t spend a month in her husband’s place and she was divorced and sent back to her parents. According to her ex-husband, he cannot tolerate a woman who will bring misfortune upon his family through the words of her mouth”.

“My little sister, after 15 years of divorce, is still not married again. And in some occasions, she feel like taking her own life because she can now see the harm she has brought to herself. As members of the family, we will always console her and pray her to have patience for her true husband is yet to come. I know this is just a way to calm her down, but she missed her luck”.

“A very good friend of mine told me how he eliminated his relationship with his girlfriend because she always call him stupid and other form of abusive words. He said she can never say anything to him without calling him names and so on”.

“Treasure your relationship always. I know that there are many fishes in the river, but it won’t remain the same when you find the right one”.

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“A true man sees many girls everyday, but the woman he calls his own is the only woman that matters to him. Others are just humans like him”.


According to the councillor, “finding true love in this contemporary society is very difficult. When you finally find one, you won’t afford to loose it by mere words. Not everyone acknowledges abusive words. 

Try to understand what your man wants and the kind of person he is before you start using such words. If his mood changes, the first time you used the word, don’t try it the second time. When you repeat this action for the second time, you are already creating a bridge between the two of you”.

“Experience has taught me that men love their integrity and prestige. Irrespective of whom or what you are to them, do not deer to go close to what they hold great respect for. What am trying to say here is, do not use words that belittle what they stand for. It can be the source of your separation”.

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After my interaction with the councillor, many who read this article emailed me to agree to what she said. Myself, am not left out. Abusive words lead to my separation with my ex since 2001.

Abusive words aren’t great at all. Learn to be positive in your talkings.

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Effects of abusive words in a relationship

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