Boys can cook
I derive so much joy when I see a boy cooking. Each time I see a boy cooking I feel like we are living up to expectations. To me, guys who can’t cook shouldn’t be regarded as a complete men.

Being a good cook is not just when you prepare spicy foods. My definition of a good cook is one who can prepare what someone will eat without disfiguring his facial look. If someone can eat your meal without showcasing displeasure, then it means you are a good cook.
The stomach does not taste your food. It only carry the food you eat. Any food that passes through the tongue and throat is forgotten no matter how it was prepared.
Some boys find it difficult to go to the kitchen to prepare food because they believe that that is the job of the ladies or because they can’t cook. A day begins a story. Enter that kitchen place that pot on fire and see yourself do something. We should not always allow the girls to do everything. That is why they have the guts to tell us that “what a man can do a woman can do even better”. Get up and let us show them the stuff we are made off. *Wink*
The first day I prepared soup in my house, my goodness, my entire family rejected it. But my father insisted we will finish it since waste of food is a sin. He encouraged me and my other brothers to always stay close to my mother and other sisters when ever they are cooking. Today, I can prepare my food without any guide (whether human or material guide).
The picture below is me cooking in my mother’s kitchen while staying at home as instructed by the state government.
Boys can cook
When I uploaded the picture to Facebook, many were leaving their appreciative comments and so on. 
I love cooking and I will so much love it if all boys can cook.

Benefits of being a good cook as a boy:

  • You can cook your meal without waiting for anyone.
  • Can not be denied food by your wife.
  • it can win you gifts/employment.
  • Proud of yourself.
  •  It also help to promote love in marriages.  Etc.
I can’t say that I am a very good cook, but because I can prepare a food that is worthy of eating, I can proudly say “boys can cook”. You as a boy also need to learn how to cook. Do it for yourself and you will never regret doing it.
Thanks as I wait to hear your comments below….
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