The agony of a motherless princess
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The agony of a motherless princess

Helen was a pretty damsel who was told the father died on her birthday. Her mother took good care of her but she never got all the love she needed from a mother before she lost her at the age of 4.

Helen was the name her mother gave to her and she was to leave with her uncle (mother’s brother) and his children. 
Just like one without father and mother, she was hated by her cousins and never was she given a breathing space in the family. 
Her uncle never saw reasons to stop his children from maltreating his little niece but instead he supported in adding to the little girl’s sorrow. He called her names and wished she died with her parents.
Everyday, Helen cried and wept at her mother’s grave. As little as she was, she was left to carter for herself. Her uncle only feed her once in a day and any day she does something wrong, she will never eat for that day.
Her uncle see her as bad luck, he believes she was the one that killed her father and her mother, so at every point he refer Helen to as a witch. This word always throw Helen off, sometimes she feel like committing suicide and so on. The truth is, Helen saw hell in her uncle’s house.
No one knew whom her father was as the mother was never married to anyone. She became pregnant after she was raped by a drunk young man, she refused to share his identity in other to avoid bringing condemnation on her family.
Helen managed life with her uncle until her tenth birthday. “Life with uncle Tony is hell” Helen told Rita the woman who introduced herself to her as her mother’s best friend. “What can be your best birthday wish if you were asked to make a wish?” Rita asked. Helen said the best gift she can ever receive is, if she can see her mother again and also know who her real father is. This made her late mother’s best friend to start shedding tears.
Bold enough, Rita (best friend to Helen’s mother) went to the king’s palace and told the king to be a man and pick up his responsibility of fathering a child he left to die in the street.
This brought confusion in the palace and the king thought a mad woman have being allowed into his palace. 
However, Rita was the only one who got to know how Helen’s mother became pregnant (yes she confided in her) and how it was the king the then prince that was responsible. Every one was surprised as their king was never a womaniser, so how possible was that? They wondered. 
He had a flash back about 10 years when he was coming back from a night club on foot and was very drunk. That very night was a bad day for Helen’s mother as she was coming back from a vigil alone. The prince (who is now King) on his drunk state ambushed her and got her pregnant.
Back to uncle Tony’s house, Helen was seen doing all house chores and after which, she was asked to kneel under the scutching sun as her cousins wants to eat (this is the humiliation she passed through each time her cousins wants to eat). 
The king entered the compound with his royal entourage and behold Helen was the carbon copy or pure resemblance of the King.
After confirming that Helen was truly his biological daughter, the king got her uncle arrested, greatly thanked Rita for uniting him with his long lost daughter and of course Helen was made the first princess of Uvuru clan.
She begged for her uncle’s release and her cousins to come leave with her in the palace. Without questioning her request, her uncle was released and her cousins came to live with her in the palace and they lived happy ever after.
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