A lot of issues emanate these days in marriages because people don’t marry the right person. 
13 reasons why you shouldn't marry
There are allot of reasons why you shouldn’t marry now. You as an individual can identify many but I will identify just 13 among thousands.
It is important for you to understand what marriage is before going into it. African societies can never be like the European world where people can easily marry and easily get away (divorce). Let’s say here in Africa, we respect the phrase that says “for better for worse”.
We are not discussing divorce. Our major discussion here has to do with some of the reasons why you shouldn’t marry.


Don’t Marry Because of Sex:

 many make the mistake of thinking that the major reason for marriage is for sexual satisfaction. Whoever that nurtures this before marriage is of course deceiving himself. In marriage, it’s true you will be satisfied sexually by your partner but you will be tired of it. By the time you start feeling differently about his/her sex pattern, then hatred comes in.

Because you are of Age:

 that you are of age is not a complete yardstick for why you should marry. You must be psychologically matured before thinking of getting married.

Pregnant for him:

 that you got pregnant for him is still not enough reason why you must marry him. But you really need to blame yourself for that action. He might not be the man made for you. By the time you end up with him, then yours is finished.


 marrying because you feel lonely is a sure way to destruction. That he always occupy the space of your loneliness dose not make him a wife material. Be careful.

Financial Assistance: 

please, please and please, do not marry because you need someone to support you financially. You might end up being a house help in your own home. Though we marry for we to help each other financially, but it shouldn’t be the basic reason else the repercussion is deadly.

Losing The Person:

 because you are afraid of losing him to anyone you went ahead to say “I DO”. Trust me, that is the time you signed your “DO WITH ME WHATEVER YOU WANT”. That you so much love him does not make him the right person for you. Be careful on how you love and why you should love.

Pity or out of Pity:

 when you marry someone because of your self-pity towards the fellow, you will get tired of such marriage. Please do not marry because you feel pity for the person’s inabilities.

Family Pressure:

 when I talked about being psychologically matured, I am literally hitting on this point. You must be ready to face any form of pressure from any angle including your family. Your ability to contain any pressure will enable you to settle problems that come up in marriage than calling for a family meeting.

Love for Kids:

 that you have so much love for kids is not enough reason to get married. Children are wonderful gifts to marriages but getting married because you love kids is totally a wrong approach. This will make you love your kids and have little or no love for your wife. When you have no love for the mother of the house, trust me, love will never exist in that family. So make your decisions wisely.

Academic/Physical qualifications:

 getting married because he is rich or academically intelligent is another dead end. This qualifications of course matters but they shouldn’t serve as the basics for you to getting married.
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Because friends are getting married:

 please do not marry because all your friends are getting married. Everything has a time and purpose so wait for your own time. Your friends got married because it was their time to. If you go ahead to force yourself to getting married, trust me that marriage will never last.

Admire wedding Gown:

 that you so much admire wedding gown and how they will look on you shouldn’t serve as a reason why you should marry. Be careful!


Getting married is a great thing that happens in someone’s life but when you marry the wrong person, it will look as if the whole world will crumpled on you. It is important you consider the very reasons why you need to marry before heading to marriage.
The family love you received from your own home shouldn’t be different from that of your new home. To achieve this, pray to God and wait for your own time and also equip yourself with useful marital materials that will guide you.
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