10 things to avoid in a new relationship

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10 things to avoid in new relationship

So you finally found that special one and you are afraid of loosing him/her? Were you in a relationship that crashed and now you are in another? Are you still afraid it might crash again?

If creating a long lasting relationship is what you need, then you will need to know these 10 things you must avoid in a new relationship.

1. Stop waiting by the phone for his/her call:

 learn to do your things. Live your lifestyle. For him/her to be always available keeps you off track and reduces you to a poppy. And this makes you vulnerable to a possible breakup.

2. Avoid socializing your private affairs:

Not everyone is in support of you and your success. Always avoid going to social media to announce your relationship status and whats going on in your relationship.

3. Your lover is not a mind reader:

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is not a mind reader. The anger you pour on him/her for not paying attention to your emotional expressions is absord. Tell him/her what your problem is. Lay out your burden so that he/she would know how to start helping you.

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4. Deal with the spirit of criticism:

Always waiting for when he will offend you shouldn’t be considered. Learn to build on his mistakes and tell him his faults. Every person is bound to making mistakes. Ignoring this inevitable phenomenon is dangerous. Deal with the spirit of criticism and learn to build on strength of your relationship.

5. Don’t ignore trouble.

When a person shows you who they are, believe them. If your partner shows any violent tendencies emotionally or physically don’t ignore it.

6. Avoid sharing bank accounts.

What is yours is yours. Don’t be too stupid to the extent of sharing bank account with him. That can be made possible when you are married. But while you are still dating, no matter the love, you must avoid sharing a single bank account.

7. Avoid lying:

As obvious as it sounds, you must avoid lying to your girlfriend/boyfriend. If you had a child before him/her, let them know while the relationship is still new and fresh. At this early stage, the person will be faces with the choice of continuing of stop, saving a future break up or heartbreak.

7. Inviting friends and families into little arguments should be avoided:

Maybe your relationship has grown to the length of parents and friends knowing. You should avoid inviting them when you are in a little argument or misunderstanding.

8. Comparing your new relationship to your past relationships should Also be avoided.

Learn avoid classifying your new relationship to the old one. The past is gone, learn to solve future problems by avoiding the repetition of the past mistakes.

9. Paying for everything always is bad, avoid it: 

You shouldn’t be the one always for things when you go out shopping. Let him/her make the payments. At times, you try to be at the receiving end and not always giving.

10. Finally, avoid sleeping over at your partner’s house. 

It is not bad to visit your partner, but is very wrong to pass the night there. Always be time concious to avoid the excuse of “it was too late to go home”. This is a new relationship and there is a great tendency of the unimaginable happening. So to avoid this, always be time concious to avoid had I known.

Hope this article was helpful? Let’s here your own advice in the comments section below….

Thanks and remain blessed….

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