Frustration can shootout the hidden animal in you

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Frustration is a very ugly situation no body would like to see himself in. When you are frustrated, you think the whole world has collapsed on your head. You will pray and it will look as if nothing is happening.

Worsening the situation is when your immediate family support in frustrating you. People who are supposed to be helpful in your situation are the ones pushing you into doing what you don’t want to do.

Frustration turned successful; 

Mr Franklin, told me the story behind his success. He said to me “Nekenwa, there is no success without frustration. For you to be legally successful in this life, you must pass through series of frustrations.”

“Frustration can shootout the real animal in any human if not we’ll managed. You must learn to tolerate critics even from your loved ones if you must succeed”.

“Frustration nearly forced me into joining bad gangs, cyber theft (yahoo yahoo) etc. When I go back home, my family members especially my father will always make me feel as if I was worthless. Each time he looks at me, it looks as if my coming to the world was a mistake”.

“I was not wanted by my own family because I had no money, as a result, I decided to embark on a self-sent-exile. I never returned to my family until after five years of labouring. I tried to prove to my family that outside illegal means, someone can still be successful”.

“When I returned home, doubters never believed their eyes. Today I am a successful owner of an aluminium company here in Nigeria”.

“Because of lack of patience, some of my friends who started this race with me ended up the wrong way and today, they are now coming to me for financial assistance.”

Frustration can make someone good to become evil especially if such frustration is coming from your family. It will end up unleashing the real animal in you if not well managed.

Piece of advice:

If you are a parent(s) you must understand your importance in the life of your child/children. The words you use also play a great role in shaping whom and what they become.

Parents have to understand that not all individual is destined to succeed the same way. Making your children feel special and guilding them appropriately, directs them into becoming whom they wish to be.

No child stands well when his frustration start at home (experience taught me that). They need the positivity of their families to succeed. That is to say, the family play the primary role in shaping the life of an individual.

I just hope this article was helpful.

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