Blame yourself for your heartbreak

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Blame yourself for your heartbreak

Heart broken and you are looking for whom to blame? Were you once in a relationship and you ended up being heart broken? Heartbreaks can be very dangerous especially if it is not handled properly.

Well, to answer the  questions, you are blaming the wrong person. You have should have yourself to blame for your heartbreak.

Youths these days fall in love without asking questions. Some even go as far as taking their properties to their lovers house in the name of love. Even some go ahead to sleep with someone they have known for the very first time (a total stranger).

You fight your parents simply because they warned you against the young man. The truth is, by the time you begin to face the traumas of heartbreak, then you will come to understand the importance of your parent’s warnings.

It is true that parents are not supposed to choose for their children whom to love. But in some cases though, the suggestions of parents becomes the best.

Being heart broken is as a result of these reasons:

You have failed to recognise God in your relationship. Your heartbreak begins the moment you fail to recognise God’s presence in your relationship. You need God to direct your thinking but because you relegated Him, your heartbreak becomes inevitable.
Another reason for your heartbreak is lack of pausing. You quickly rushed into accepting his proposal without taking your time to know whom he is. For you to avoid heartbreak, it is necessary you know whom you want to date.
Lying to yourself. This is another reason why you are the reason for your heartbreak. You knew the person you are dating is not the right person for you but you ignored this and continued.
Receiving too many advice from people. You listened to a lot of people without filtration. That is, everything everyone told you were accepted by you without thorough check. Failing to compare and contrast the best and worst advice from people is an instigator of heartbreak.
Not knowing what you want. This can cause you a serious and deadly heartbreak especially if he is the wrong one. Like my kind of person, I am selective when choosing the woman I date. My fiancé is the perfect woman for me and anytime soon we will be married. You must know what you want from him and also know if he correctly served this purpose.

Heartbreak can make you face emotional traumas especially when you are deep in the relationship. Try to understand how your relationship works and what you want in the relationship to avoid the story of Mike and Mary.

There are too many things that can cause you heartbreak but trying to avoid those things will save you a lot. I just hope this article helps in aiding you prevent heartbreak.

Finally, you should know that I am not an emotional expert. Don’t solely depend on my advice. Also visit an emotional councillor to help you avoid being heartbroken.
If you have more advice to add to these ones above, kindly do at the comments section below.
Thanks and remain blessed…..

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