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Getting married to a woman in Umuaka isn't expensive as many would think

Getting married to a woman in Umuaka isn’t expensive as many would think.


Umuaka is a semi-remote community in Imo state Nigeria. Located in between Orlu and Owerri the capital of Imo state.

Getting married to a woman in Umuaka isn’t expensive as many would think

Umuaka irrespective of it’s bad social stigma, is a place worth living in. A person born in Umuaka is known for greatness as people from the community are peace loving people.

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In Umuaka, to marry a woman, there are four (4) marital rites were one is not necessary but you can be advised to go ahead with it.

 Step 1: Requesting of list;

 You finally saw that Umuaka woman that makes you happy and you feel is high time you got serious. You wish to take the next step of your relationship with her by marrying her. The first thing you’ll do is collection of marriage list from her kinsmen. This list based on my enquiries is not more than 2000 naira.

NB: ensure you are familiarised with the girl’s family.

Step 2:  Nju na Njutarannu (ask and what was the response?);

After you have collected the list, this is another must follow step. This has to do with the recognised official visitation you are making to your would-be in-laws’ place. Her kinsmen will be around to receive the items you brought. Things you are likely to come along with (which are also part of the list you collected earlier) are, snuff (tobacco), palm wine, collar, yam, minerals, beer, and others.

Step 3: Nkporo na Nkporalo;

When this step is achieved, it is now official. You are now married to your Umuaka beautiful maiden. If you want, you can go ahead and do the last one which is the Igbankwu. People view this as the main traditional marriage. In Umuaka, the main traditional marriage is achieved after the 3 steps are achieved.

NB: it is possible to achieve the entire steps on a particular day. Also a woman is not officially proclaimed your wife until you attain the 3rd step. That is to say, another man is free to do the same thing you did in the first step.

Marrying a woman from Umuaka is never expensive. So feel free to go ahead with your marriage plans with that woman you feel is the best for you.

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Steps in marrying a woman from Umuaka (must-know)