Max the saviour of the gods and Mankind (5000 BC)

Max the saviour  of the gods and mankind is a must read story.

The days of the gods was coming to an end and he was the only one with the spirit of the gods prophesied to bring to an end the end of the gods.

He became the “saviour of the gods”

Image of the saviour of the gods

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The days of the gods were numbered as Zeus the god of gods became angry because no human recognises him again as a god instead his siblings Odin and Parasité.

Odin is the god of riches, health, and guardian while Parasité is a woman the goddess of love, charity, peace and hope.

Zeus was given the authority to control other aspects of man including protection and war by their father Ojemba.

Things changed when Zeus became the god of jealousy, envy and hatred. He also murdered his father in the course.

Evils befell the earth as the gods argue against each other.

They threatened each other to the detriment of those living in the world.

Their arguments raised thunderstorms, earthquakes and other natural disasters that can destroy the world.

Zeus needed the first drop of his siblings’ blood to become the only great god known by man, but since gods never sleep, getting his blood and that of Parasité was a mission impossible.

The devil who saw the golden opportunity to destroy mankind, joined forces with Zeus to destroy Odin and Parasité.

The war among the gods was so brutal as the angels of the gods were divided and forth against each other.

Odin and Parasité, noticing that Zeus and the devil and their angels are winning the war, he met his sister Parasité in one of the war-nights and they decided they gave their blood willingly.

It was raining heavily on earth as the war in the heavens continued, man never knew what was happening in the heavens for more than 2 years, constant natural disasters have never ceased.

Mankind thought that the world was coming to an end since the gods have decided to punish them over crimes they might know nothing about.

Max was a child who was bullied by his playmates and was dealt with each time they meet. On that rainy day, he was playing as it is common among children to play under the rain. He opened his mouth just to allow the rain to fall directly into his mouth, the drop of Odin and Parasité’s blood mixed with the rain and dropped in his mouth, immediately, he began to have convulsion.

His mother quickly reached out for him and through her care, the convulsion stopped but he fell very sick for more than 2 weeks.

The war in the heavens was very very fierce and finally Odin and Parasité was defeated.

They were captured and throne into the heaven’s prison alongside their supporters.2 weeks after the rain, Max was well again to the surprise of the people who thought he must have died.

He woke up stronger than before and his friends who always bullied him were the first people to witness or experience his new powers when they came to bully him again.

It was time for the rituals as the blood of Odin and Parasité was to be extracted, blended with rain to complete the only mixture that can make one great.

Water was part of the mixture as their father, Ojemba was the god of rain.

After drinking the mixture, nothing seemed to happened, he wondered the tricks that was played on him. When he approached his siblings in the prison, they mockingly laughed at him.

With the help of the devil, he came to know that the first drop of his siblings were already extracted and given to another.

After all probe, no angel was proven to be the one with the power of the blood.

The people was amazed as a boy who was born prematurely and always weak in doing things is now the one who is doing things even the strongest Man can not do.

Max was great in his new powers but he never knew what he took that is controlling him.

Max meets the spirit king

One day, he entered the forest no man has ever entered and came back alive.

In the forest, the spirit of Ojemba, the father of the gods, told him the stories surrounding his destiny.

He also told him the reasons why he is created.

Before this conversation, he had a fierce battle with the spirit.

As if he has being training before this time, he defeated the spirit of the god of the rain and father of all the gods.

Ojemba told Max the secret behind his powers and what his destiny holds for him.

He was the little boy behind the prophesy who will become the saviour of the gods.

After all conviction, Max got back home and told her of his travelling for the good of the world and his family.

The mother always believe in his abilities, gave him her blessings and promised to pray for him.

He warned her to pray to no god as the gods are the cause of the world’s predicaments.

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The mother was still in the state of confusion until he was ready to leave.

When she followed him outside the hut, behold the community have being surrounded.

They were surrounded by unknown beasts and fierce looking beings.

His voice changed as he told them that the war is to be carried out in the heavens and not on earth.

It was dawn on the mother and the community that a god was living with them..

“He was the child behind the prophesy!”

He ran and they pursued him. He ran to the same forest where he had an encounter with Ojemba the god of the rain.

There was a fierce battle between the angels and the new human-god Max.

Finally he made his way to the heavens where the final battle took place.

After commending him for his bravery even being a child, Zeus and his allie the devil forth against him.

The war was so bloody as Odin and Parasité was released by one of their angels who managed to escape.

The war extended to the earth as humans were ready to defend their communities and families.

Max, as little as he was led mankind, Odin, Parasité and the remaining angels who supported them against Zeus, the devil and their supporters.

Blood was shed, many died, people were injured but finally, Max and his team won the war.

Zeus, the devil and their remaining supporters were casted down to hell where the devil maltreated Zeus and turned him to his slave.

Odin, Parasité and their remaining supporters returned to the heavens and peace reigned in the heavens and the earth.

Max was made the king of the world, and he died at 200 BC.

The end:


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