Reasons why you must succeed in life

Hi there! Are you faced with many challenges and everybody is making you feel as if you are a nobody?

Sometimes you feel like all hope is lost and you need to commit suicide. Well in today's post,I want to tell you why you must succeed.

Reasons why you must succeed in this life

Dude, I must tell you, nothing about this world is worth dying for. Keep on pushing, a day shall come when you will see yourself living up to your dreams or expectations.

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Success is the opposite of failure. It is the accepted result gotten when solving a problem.

It hurts when people encourage us to do things we never wanted to do especially when it is being instigated by our family members. We get tempted even by our own relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends, parents, siblings etc.

What is more important is that we should try to figure out the best way to maintain our reputation.

 A very good friend will tell me that a man is the driver of his own destiny. No body shares the seat of a car driver. So learn to drive your own destiny and not another doing it for you.

These are reasons why you succeed

You must succeed because you are determined to succeed. The old saying says "he who does not plan to succeed definitely plans to fail. You must determine within yourself before you can achieve your set goal.

Determination conquers every downfall. It is true that at first, the road to success isn't  easy but when you are determined and you are sure of a successful end, my dear, the sky is your limit.

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You are bigger than your problems so you must know that you have the key (solutions) to your problem.

For you to succeed, you must first identify your problems and have in mind this concept "I am bigger than my problems". When this is done, try finding solutions to this problem.

You must succeed because the society needs your success. You may feel that life is very difficult, but things become difficult when you see them as difficult.
 See a problem as something you can handle and see yourself excelling in solving that problem. And when this problem is solved, it affects the society positively because a perceived problem have being solved.

For you to succeed, you need to know the kind of friend you keep and the kind of values they uphold. "Evil company corrupt good manners" learn to keep a distance from companies that are not beneficial to your success.

 When people wrongly advise you, you wrongly exhibit the needed character. Therefore, it is paramount you become selective while choosing your friends.

Key way to success is very simple but demanding. A lot must be sacrificed if you must succeed. Here, I am not advising any one to get involved in illegal activities just to make money or become successful. Their are better ways to make money legally than getting in involved in illegal business.

To crown it all on succeeding in life:

 Your success lies on your shoulder and the tips to succeed is at the tips of your finger. Thank God for the advancement in technology as things are made easy and simple.

Always pray and beg God for the right direction.

Trust me, your way to success is very near more than you can imagine.

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