Why Relationships Fail at the Beginning

Have you been wondering why many relationships don't even last for more than a month? Are you in a new relationship and you are having this feeling that it's won't last? I've got you covered.My name is Peter Andrews I will like to share the story of how my relationship failed at the beginning. In this post, I will also share with you what I did to keep the new one going for more than 5 months.
The story:We met in a restaurant. She was sitting alone and looking disappointed. From her mood, and reactions, I noticed she was waiting for someone but for more than an hour the person was not showing up.Imagine, I was at the restaurant before her. I was ready to leave not until she entered.It was indeed love at first sight. I decided to stay back and wait for what will happen next. I waited for over an hour ordering for drinks that I was no longer interested in.I didn't make a move when she entered. I waited for a full hour before I could make a move. Isn't that stupidi…

Uprightness: short story of a law graduate

"Uprightness" is a short story of a young man who graduated as a law student but had no job.His father among others did everything possible to ensure he becomes like one of the others.Before you continue, checkout this other short stories (ebook).Tears of the Python Queen. Collection of 7 horror stories. A Wet Dry Season.
Continue Reading...The uprightness: short storyEverybody hated him because he chose to live the life of uprightness. His father called him names and made him feel he was born by mistake.Life was so tough for Joel as he still can't find any job even after graduating from the higher institution as a professional lawyer.His father called him names. His father questioned his existence as a human being and denied being his father.On many occasions, Joel's father had compared him to his mates who didn't go to school but are driving flashy cars and building different mansions.Understanding the source of their illegal wealth, his father is head bent to e…

Wizkid calls Reekado Banks a fool and clout animal

The popular Nigeria pop stars WizKid and Reekado Banks are fighting over a new music release titled "OMO OLOMO".
Wizkid's anger is not of the release but because Reekado is set to release the song at a pressing time like this.Recommended: why OC SARS in Anambra state, James Nwafor was sacked.It was a moment of settling the issues of SARS in Nigeria and Reekado is releasing the song.
The starboy called Reekado names like; clout animal, fool and so on.

He told him to shun the release and focus on the task at hand which is the total end of SARS and SWAT.It was gathered that the post was a product of anger and realising the effect of such statements, the starboy deleted the post.
Though the protesters have being encouraged not to focus on the fight between the two celebrities but to ensure their goal which is to the end SARS is achieved.

Why James Nwafor former OC SARS was sacked

The Anambra state governor Willie Obiano has announced that James Nwafor the former OC SARS in Anambra state has being sacked.This came up on Thursday as the endsars protest continued.
It was said that the former OC SARS was involved in many incessant killings in Anambra state. And of course, he masterminded the death of this young man among many other youths who's bodies were found in the Ezu river.

According to reports, the killer threw the boys body into the Ezu River in the state and made his father swim in the river if he wants to find his son's body.
Reports also has it that Mr James kills at a spree and tell the victims' families to go to any length and nothing will happen.
Obiano who met the protesters at Anambra state promised to relieve James Nwafor of his duties and make him available for prosecution.
According to the governor, he appreciated what the youths of Anambra are doing as regards to the protest.Recommended: what Nigerians are saying about the new form of SA…

#endsars: Rita Dominic makes her point clear

The Nollywood actress and super model, Rita Dominic, has promoted her interest to unfollow any person that discredits the organisation of the endsars protest.
The veteran actress maintained that she has supported many demonstrations in the past but this one is one in a kind.
Rita also feels that this protest is the best organised and no one should jeopardize the organisation.
Recall that many Nigerians took to the streets to call for the end of unjustifiable killing of citizens by members of the SARS unit. In reaction, the IGP dissolved SARS and instituted SWAT.
Following up, the Nigerian youths are also protesting against SWAT as they believe that it's just a change of name. They believe that as long as that unit still exist, citizens remains at risk.
Recommended: 6 years old Helen taught Saviosantos how to cook vegetable soup.Rita Dominic also concluded in her tweeter post that for once, she can now feel that voices of real people are being heard.
In her own words, she wrote;I will u…

What Nigerians are saying about SWAT

Special Weapons and Tactics team, SWAT was setup following the scraping of SARS unit from the Nigeria Police Force by the IG, Mohammed Adamu.

The Nigerian youths had in the past few days protested against the existence of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in the country. In a swift action, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), dissolved the unit and promised to set up a new unit that will better carry out the functions of SARS.Related: why SARS was dissolvedOn Tuesday, the IGP announced to the public that SWAT has being introduced to combat the crimes of armed robbery in the country. And only people with at least HND certificates can be recruited in the unit.
What Nigerians are saying about SWATFollowing the recent police press release, the Nigerian youths has returned to their various social media handles to criticize such plans. And hoping to back into the streets to protest this decision.
According to many, they said that the SWAT is just a way of wearing the wolf a new cloth. They c…

Christiano Ronaldo test positive for coronavirus

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of soccer’s biggest stars and among the world’s most known athletes, has tested positive for the coronavirus. The Portugal’s soccer federation announced this on Tuesday.

Ronaldo, 35, in Lisbon was removed from Portugal’s training camp and will miss his country’s Nations Cup game on Wednesday against Sweden. The team said Ronaldo was not displaying symptoms and was in isolation.
“Following the positive case, the remaining players underwent new tests Tuesday morning,” the federation said in a statement. “All tested negative.”Recommended: 6 years old Helen taught Saviosantos how to cook vegetable soupRonaldo played in Portugal’s scoreless draw against France on Sunday, and posted a photo of himself dining on his social media accounts on Monday.
Ronaldo is not the first soccer star to test positive this fall as Europe’s top leagues start new seasons and players journey home for national team duty. The Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba was found to be positive whe…

6years old Helen taught Saviosantos how to cook vegetable soup

Never interested in putting too much interest in understanding my everyday choice of sentence 'no matter your age, you are still a kid to education' I came to understand those words today.The little Helen who is 6 years old taught me how to cook vegetable soup. Something that at my 27 years I find it difficult.I have being trying to learn how to prepare vegetable soup which is one of the well cherished type of soup in the Efik ethnic group.Edikaikong as the Akwa Iboms call it, is an African delicacy which when properly prepared can make the consumer forget about his urgent appointment.That is to say, the soup can be very sweet to the extent you wouldn't know when you over ate.
Related: Healthy benefits of scent leaveNo wonder the soup can't last for more than two days (depending on the quantity).Back to my story.Helen is 6 years old and the daughter of my neighbour who sell food stuffs close to my own shop.Because of our relationship, the little girl always come to my s…

IG of police dissolves SARS from operating in Nigeria

Inspector General of Police completely Ban SARS from Operating in NigeriaThe protest that lasted for more than 4 days by Nigerian youths has pushed the IGP into taking a quick action. He has dissolved the existence of SARS in all the 36 states of Nigeria.The Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu has on Sunday the 11th day of October, 2020 instructed the dissolution of the SARS unit.The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) is a unit in the Nigerian Police Force that is created to tackle the issue of armed robbery in the country.Recommended: what Dangote has to say about Nigeria dissolution.
Unfortunately, the said group diverted from their real purpose of creation to the killing of innocent youths whom they 'suspect' to be cyber fraudsters (Yahoo boys).Few days ago, the angry Nigerian youths among well celebrated celebrities in Nigeria took to the street to protest against the incessant killings of youths by members of the SARS unit.The youths also picked on the police PRO Mr …

Bad parenting: the story of Sir Daniel

Bad parenting attitudes that can affect children and society

Being a parent has never and will never be a simple task. It is not easy to take care of yourself and also take care of other human beings.Compare what it feels like when you are hungry, greatly in need of something and so on. All these are things you will tackle when you become a parent.The way you are able to manage the affairs of your home qualifies you of practicing the virtue of good or bad parenting.In this story/post, I want to share with you what happened in the family of one of my secondary school teachers, Sir Daniel.Feel free to read this marriage short storyI will be so glad if by the end of this story/post you are able to learn something new and also share with us how the story has affected your life.This story is centered more on bad parenting. And after the story, I will highlight some the following subtopics:Causes. Effects.

Sir Daniel and family (the story)Before you start reading, feel free to check out thes…